Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worldly Walls

I have always had an atlas of the world with me. Whether I went off to college in Europe or moved away to the North American continent, an atlas has always been my companion. I just love to flip the pages of an atlas and go around the world.  Even so I can't say I am particularly great in geography, but I have always loved to travel and daydream about far away places. Different cultures, different people, different ways of living have always been a source of interest to me. In my home I have an old heirloom atlas which I proudly display open on my dining room buffet. I turn the pages every now and then and always admire the organic lines and colors. One day I am going to cut out the pages and frame them.....I just have not mustered up the courage yet! 

Decorating with maps has been around for centuries. Maps can be used in any interior, be it modern or traditional; be it in the living room or kids room. They are very versatile, beautiful, can spice up any room, and are great conversational pieces. There are vintage maps, modern versions, collectors editions, whimsical ones, even wallpaper maps and map decals..... they all add great decorative appeal on your walls. You can frame a big map as one art piece, or cut the map into fragments and frame them into a cohesive grouping. Maps come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Sepia versions add an archival subdued sense to your interior while a bold colored map adds a splash of color. Any way you display a map it adds an artistic touch and draws the onlooker in to look at all the detail, revealing a new world!

Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Carrie

Elle Decor
Emily Henderson

Daniel Sachs

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Decorator Anthony Todd's Use of the Turgot Map
Anthony Todd

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Steven Gambrel

Elle Decor


Maps through the Internet

Urban Outfitters (Tapestry $39)

Map Wall Decal
Pottery Barn (Map decal $199)
Summerbelle (whimsical maps starting at $80)

Suzanne Kasler Map Giclee
Ballard Designs (Glicee $299)

Europe Political Map (Earth-toned)

National Geographic (Europe map $10.95)

Are you ready to add the world to your home? 

Happy Decorating!
Ana Alicia

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