Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ghostly Dinners!

I just came back from Sarasota, Florida from the annual Interior Redecorators Network conference. I had a great time, got inspired with the wonderful seminars offered and did not want to leave. I have made wonderful friendships with other designers throughout the years and it's always a blast!

My kids welcomed me with open arms, but one thing was on their mind: Halloween! What are we going to wear? We need to buy candy......Mom, let's get the spiders out!  For decorating inspiration I turned to last years pictures.

Below you can see how I decorated my dining room. I pitched up a tent and hung black draperies on each side as walls. Next I draped mosquito nets throughout the inside mimicking spider webs. Little lights were strung all over and little ghosts, pumpkins, and witches were hung inside the tent. We made ghoulish food and ate at the table under the bewitched tent! My kids and their friends ate in this tent all month long!

Outside we greeted trick or treaters with fog, a self-made witch, lots of candy, and eyes lurked from the windows........eeeerrriieeee!!!

My dining table under a scary tent.....great for
ghostly dinners
Table is set  for kids to celebrate!

On the menu: A green brain, a bloody heart and eyeballs 
Getting the entryway ready for Halloween
Trick or Treaters....beware!
(use a fog machine for special effects)
We are watching you....!!
(Flashing eyes are stuck to the window panes with suction cups)

Trick or Treat! Did you get inspired? Please comment on your own Halloween decor!

Happy Decorating,                                                  
Ana Alicia
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