Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Did you watch last night's HGTV premiere of Secrets of a Stylist? Emily Henderson redecorated a living room for a couple in a 1920's style home in L.A. The space has great features but is not inviting. Emily's purpose on the show is to get the house to match the owner's personal style based on the style diagnostic of the homeowners. In this case the wife was labeled "Hollywood Regency" for her love of glamour and luxury and the husband was labeled "Country Club Chic" as he has a more traditional and relaxed style. First Emily Henderson transformed the living room based ONLY on "Hollywood Regency" and has a first reveal (see picture below). I saw it as her first draft. Then the homeowners came in and gave their own opinions about the space, the likes and dislikes. As you can imagine the husband was NOT loving it and showed on his face....I was cracking up! He was not feeling it at all, he even said he liked it only about 20 to 25% (I think he was being generous!) Then Emily layered "Country Club Chic" style and has the last reveal. In other words, the show has two big reveal moments.

As I mentioned on yesterday's post I was very excited to watch this first episode, poured a glass of red wine and started watching...... mmmmh...thought the whole process was a little painful to watch. Emily is quirky, natural and fun, but the style diagnostic and two reveals made it seem endless. I hope she tweaks her show a little to make it more viewer friendly. I really like the chandelier out of acrylic and brass (she drops one piece while assembling it.....I held my breath thinking at first it was crystal....nothing broke and with a sigh of relief she says: "And that's why God made acrylic!") Stunning for the space! Also loved the Asian panels on the wall. Did not love the color palette and end result...the homewoner did and that's ultimately what counts! What did you think about her painting the walls twice???.....not very eco-friendly, I found that to be a waste if she does that on every show! However,I do like her design sense and will be watching again.  

Pictures courtesy of HGTV
Before: 1920's style home has high ceiling and good bones.

The first transformation based on Hollywood Regency

The final reveal: A blend of wife's Hollywood Regency
 and husband's Country Club Chic style

What do you think of her first makeover?
I give it a thumbs down! 
Would love to hear your comments!

Happy decorating!
Ana Alicia
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