Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Greenery

Can you believe it?  Christmas is around the corner! Is your home ready for the Holidays?

The smell of authentic greenery sets me in the mood for Christmas, no matter what else is going on in my life. The distinct scent transports me right into childhood when I used to believe in Santa. I LOVE it! Nowadays there are beautiful wreath, tree and greenery reproductions that look similar to the real thing but you can't replicate the scent! I tell my clients to have some natural greenery at least in the main rooms (living room, dining room) just for the scent. I too have fake greenery around the house, but then I layer it with the real thing. When you combine the fake and the real greenery it's hard to tell them apart, it looks natural, and you have the unmistakeable scent of Christmas.

Martha Stewart
Traditional Home
House Beautiful
Traditional Home
House Beautiful
Put some green in your Holiday decorations, pour yourself a glass of wine and smell the scent of the Holidays....Cheers!

Happy Holiday Season and Happy Decorating!
Ana Alicia
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