Saturday, April 16, 2011

Versatility at its best!

I am always on the hunt for a great buy. Lately I am looking out for yet another Chinese garden stool....we have six inside our home! I am a firm believer you can't have too many! Garden stools are the "superhero" of interior design...they have endless possibilities and with their short stature can be tucked into any space. Garden stools come in a variety of hues, styles and textures, making it one of the most versatile pieces I know of. Take a look at what I mean:

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David Tsay Photography

Chinese garden stools originated during the Ming
Dynasty more than 1000 years ago. Once only for
outdoor use it has been welcomed in any 
interior space as well. 
This dreamy patio forgoes the use
of a coffee table for a fire pit and two garden stools.

Home office eclectic home office

When there is no room for a coffee table 
a garden stool adds visual
interest and functionality.

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At the bottom of these stairs a little reading nook
is complete with a white ceramic stool.

Bathroom modern bathroom

A modern bathroom welcomes a traditional
garden stool as a side table.

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A punch of yellow is added with
a garden stool.
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via Atlanta Homes Magazine

What a dream to bathe in this gorgeous
freestanding bathtub! Just within reach
you can have a cup of tea and a book....that's
a great beginning of a weekend!

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Having a party? Just bring those garden stools out
for extra seating!

Elle Decor

These garden stools add another layer of texture.
Notice that they are placed slightly to the left, not
centered with the sofa.

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House Beautiful

These copper colored stools act as a bench at the 
foot of this master bedroom. The metallic color
adds sparkle to the room.
Elle Decor

This entry hall would be too crowded with
two  chairs and too sparse with only the
table. Two black stools do the trick!

Although this is a catalogue picture one can see 
how silver stools can add some bling to any room!
I have one and adore it!

Do you have garden stools in your home decor?
If you don't, I know you have room for at least one!
Garden stools are fit for any decor, be it modern, 
traditional, transitional or country...go ahead try one out!

Happy Decorating,
Ana Alicia

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