Friday, April 1, 2011

Doggone hip!

This is a sad week for my family. My husband and I had to put our beloved 14 year old golden retriever Paco to sleep as he could not walk anymore. He was our first "baby boy"! Then we had two boys of our own and the three of them have had a blast in the back yard! Paco has been a loyal, sweet, cute, loving dog until the end. We rescued him alongside a highway and lived with him in a small apartment while he was still a young, lively puppy. Yes, many of my favorite shoes became his favorite toys! We did not have a crate for him, so the entire apartment was his domain! For those of you with dogs who would like to keep your stilettos intact, look below for some stylish crate choices for your home! We all know pets become part of the family, yet their spaces are often afterthoughts. Their beds and dishes are often in the way,  and are unfit for your home decor. Why live with an eyesore in the middle of your living room? There are many choices out there to fit your design needs and your pet needs. Yes, you can have a pet friendly AND stylish home.  Here are some examples for crates, beds and dishes.

Designed by Dan Hisel

You have heard of built-in bookshelves....these 
are built-in dog crates. Love, love this idea!
Think about your entertainment center, your
existing bookshelves, kitchen
might be able to configure them so your dog
can have a place of his own inside of them!
I have never liked the typical plastic dog crate 
as it is not very pleasing to the eye. These on 
the other hand are very chic, are part of the 
decor and are out of the way! All of you crate 
users, you need to put this one on your 
honey-do -list! 
Elle Decor - Megan Mullally's home via

This is an eiCrate, retailing for $199. It's a modern
domed crate, great for any room. It has wonderful
design appeal, it's airy and fresh, and looks like
 a sculpture in the living room!
Grant K. Gibson's Westies Live in Style!

If you already own a plastic crate,  you can hide it under a
table. Be sure to drape the table with a floor length
tablecloth.  Out of sight, out of mind!

This Pottery Barn dog bed and storage
shelving fits beautifully in this entryway.
It's very neat and handy. Great for big dogs!

Meade Design Group via Apartment therapy

Rattan hanging chairs for humans and dogs alike. Why not?
Modern pet bed, sofa and chaise sectional.

Very mod! But is it really practical to have a
two-piece sofa sectional dog bed? Maybe if 
you own two small dogs.......this would
definitely not be my first choice!
Pousse Creative

Have you ever seen a pet planter?  How long will 
the plants stay put? I think filling up the top bowl with 
food or water would make more sense.....but adding 
some green makes more design sense for any
room in the house. I can see this pet planter in 
a corner near a window.
Pawsitively Modern

This is mid century modern design for dogs! Included is
a plush sheepskin or a smart suede mattress. $275
Do they make one in my size?
(Sorry Paco, didnt think of getting this
comfy sheepskin for you....)
For the DIYer, it would be a great 
weekend project!


Blue Blood pet beds, starting at $76. These are
great prints,  choose the one that fits your decor!
 Pet Interiors

Leather Cube Bed...beacoup $$$, but very stylish!
This one is for the rich and famous, retailing
 at around $1900...

Outdoor Pet Bed with Cushion

Outdoor/ indoor bed for dogs. This keeps your 
dog elevated from the cold. Great for older dogs. 
Paco had an elevated bed in the garage, but
sadly, not this stylish.

Country Living

What to do with their water and food dishes?
How about a pantry or coat closet converted 
into a dog station? I would lay the 
dog bed in there too. 

Unleashed Life - PHU-D-M - Phuket Medium Pet Dish in Red

If your pet dish is visible in the house, try to find one
that coordinates with your home. Imagine this one next to 
a taller umbrella stand by the entry.... wouldn't look 
too bad, would it!

Slide out drawer under island holds food dishes

When designing your new kitchen, think
about adding a slide out drawer to
hold your pets dishes. 
Bellaire Pet Feeder

Bellaire Pet feeder. These bowls have great
design sense and would fit with most decors.
Doca Pet

Wire and Dine pet bowls. Elevated pet bowls
are ergonomic and wonderful for aging dogs.
Paco had one and loved it!

I hope you were able to get some new ideas and inspiration to
achieve a "doggone hip" interior while living with your pet.

Happy  Decorating!
Ana Alicia

Paco, my dear friend, you have left paw prints in 
all of our hearts!

1997 - 2011

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss of Paco.

    I did have my husband build a kennel in the bottom of our pantry. He used a old baby gate for the parts for the door. Our doggie Reggie is a corgi and loves his kennel. I have to lock it closed during the day or he'd be in it all day long. I can close the pantry doors and it's out of sight.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Thank you for sharing your pantry idea JHahn. A baby gate is very clever! Seems like your dog loves it!