Saturday, February 23, 2013

Show off your Closet

Spring is know what that wardrobe pieces! Make room for your new fashion finds by cleaning out your closet and donating what you haven't worn in a year! Doesn't it feel good to open up your closet door and have everything hanging in order? I love when I can actually see everything I own without struggling through the hangers! Keep only those pieces that you love! Toss those items that still have a tag on them from two years ago -someone else will love to wear them and you get more square footage in your closet! 

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Tory Burch
This oversized closet has geometrical pattern appeal!
These closet doors are lined inside with fabric. Use 
a coordinating fabric from your bedroom to pull it
all together.

Love a rug and big mirror in a big closet
via fashion-plate
A large mirror is a must! 
If you have a spare room in your home, why 
not convert it into your own closet sanctuary? 

House & Home
Beautiful idea to paint the drawers with a pop of color!
No room for doors to swing out? Use curtains on a 
curtain rod to hide the closet. With these great drawers
I would show it off!

So chic.
via pinterest
This color combo of black, white and silver is trés chic!

Gray shelves lined with wallpaper
jennifer staedt

Add some fun in your closet by wallpapering it!

Love this tailored closet with a pocket door.
If you own a walk in closet this is how it
could look like with custom cabinetry.
Don't forget to add some bling with the chandelier!

lovely doors convert a closet to a hide-away vanity area.
via theaestate
Strips of wallpaper on bifold closet doors make them seem
like a million dollars! Don't you agree?

.A good closet
via Mary McGee
This closet has a place for everything and
everything is in its place (except the growing 
shoe collection!)
Color coding your t-shirts and sweaters makes
it easy to get ready in the morning.
Add a chair or ottoman to put your shoes on.

Get inspired and get going! Need help redecorating your closet? 
Contact me to make an appointment. 
Be ready for spring!

Happy decorating!
Ana Alicia
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