Friday, April 8, 2011

Working spaces

I have always loved a big, gianourmous, white desk to work on. I work on different projects at once and have the need to spread out (ask my husband, I occupy any vacant surface...) I need room for creativity!  I had a 35x75 inch desk made to fit in a big nook. I love it! I absolutely do! There is something liberating to having space. When I sit at my desk things happen with gusto! 

Take a look at these fabulous offices and get inspired to create a place to work, to create, or just to simply pay the bills.  

Thomas O'Brian

This office is home to two photographers, hence all the little boxes. 
It is very well organized and looks very functional. 
I could use both of those desks!

via House Beautiful

Black, silver, white, orange, cream...I like this 
color combination. Love the shiny silver pendant
light over the desk. I also have white frames with 
 photographs in my office. It adds
an element of decor, of art and a source of

Ellen O'Neill

Office of a fashion designer.
Black and white is very classic.

T. Keller Donovan

This office would work for me. I like the tulip table, the chairs and bench. 
Here again, pictures in white frames or shadowboxes 
add visual interest and inspiration. 
It's all very fresh.

Nate Berkus and Natalie Coyle

The best thing about this office is the 
giant mood board!

photograph by Ellen McDermott

This office feels very personal.

via House Beautiful

Can you guess what my favorite element is?
Yes, you guessed it....the enormous white table! It's 
actually a dining room table where 
different people can gather to read, paint or
browse on the computer. 

click to view full size
Simply Seleta

The red typewriter feels so nostalgic! I typed my college 
papers on one....oops....I am revealing my age here....
my friend had an electronic typewriter and I 
would pay her to type my papers on hers as it
could erase.....thank goodness for 
computers! I love the organization
of this office.

click to view full size
Elisabeth Dinkel

Built in desks on the periphery of the room and
a glass table in the kinda' room! You
really can spread out in here!

via Elle Decor

That looks like my desk, but in black! 
(I think mine is bigger!...yes, size does matter!)
Love the feeling this space evokes. The old 
compartmentalized drawers and vintage chairs and
suitcases give it an air of times past. I could definitely
see myself working in this office.

What office was your favorite? Where do you see yourself working?
Please comment on the box below, would love to hear from you.

Happy Decorating,
Ana Alicia
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