Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magical Lucite

With only one piece of lucite acrylic furniture you can turn an ordinary space into something very special. I love, love lucite, it adds an element of surprise and doesn't take up any visual space. It's magical!

eclectic dining room photo collage
Courtesy of

The Louis Ghost I say more? 
I have been wanting one for sometime 
the meantime, I am salivating looking at this one! 
 Love the eclectic art display!

Celerie Kemble

This beautiful etheral bedroom got a "hint" of lucite 
with this little side table by the bench. Just this 
touch of acrylic gives the bedroom a modern edge. 
I could take a little nap in this gorgeous bed!  

living rooms - full house striped blue rug sofa chair lucite acrylic coffee table  full house  striped white and blue rug, sofa, avrylic lucite
Full House

Do you see the whimsical animal peeking behind the table? 
This lucite acrylic coffee table doesn't take up any 
visual space in this small room.

dining room Dining
Courtesy of
I would love to have a cup of coffee in this 
inviting breakfast nook! These lucite chairs 
have been upholstered which adds comfort. 
Look how you can see through the chair on 
the right hand corner, it does not distract 
from the beautiful wooden table. 

What are your thoughts on lucite acrylic furniture? 
Is it magical?

Happy decorating!
Ana Alicia

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