Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My love for dhurrie rugs

I have to confess I have a love affair with dhurrie rugs! They are airy and light, yet very durable (they can last a lifetime!) Dhurries are casual, ethnic, simple yet sooooo very stylish. They come in all different sizes and patterns. My mother introduced them to me. She had a very good sense for aesthetics and I just fell for them the minute I set eyes on one in this little store in southern Spain. (I grew up in Spain). Dhurries are not from Spain however, they were introduced to India by weavers of Afghanistan in the 17th C. Now dhurries are very sought after by interior designers and people who want to introduce more style in their homes -all over the world. So go ahead, next time you go out shopping look for yourself. Aren't dhurries charming? You might not be able to resist the temptation!
Diane Bergeron

Two dhurries side by side in indigo blue with different 
geometric patterns give this living room a fresh appeal. 
Love the idea! 

Iznik Dhurrie, 2'x3', Sorrel

What a great splash of color for any room! 
The pattern is very unique and playful. I could
use this dhurrie rug in my den...seriously considering it!

Suzani inspired dhurrie. Wisteria.com
How can you go wrong with black and white?

Diane Bergeron

The zig-zag pattern in this dhurrie introduces a playful 
pattern in this otherwise tailored bedroom. It draws its
color from the upholstered headboard.
The room would be too serious without it, 
don't you think?

Wooden upholstered dhurrie ottoman by Wisteria.com

This suzani dhurrie ottoman gives a little drama to any space.

Dhurries are great in a traditional or modern setting. 
They go with any design decor.That's the beauty! 
It's one reason why I love them so much. 
You can change your design sense and the dhurrie 
rug will still stay with you. It transcends trends. 
Let me know what you think!

Happy Decorating!
Ana Alicia

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