Monday, February 28, 2011

Honeysuckle pink is everywhere!


Since Pantone introduced Honeysuckle pink as 2011 color of the year we have been seeing it in fashion and home decor everywhere. This reddish pink looks good on women and men and makes everyone glow! Your walls can glow too! 

If you love this color you are in luck! If you don't.....well think about this statement from Pantone executive director Leatrice Eisemen: "In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going -perfect to ward off the blues." So maybe this color will cheer us up until the economy picks up! If it has that power, we all need a splash of pink in our lives!

Last year turquoise was the rage. So what can homeowners do with all that turquoise? You are in luck! Honeysuckle pink pairs up beautifully with turquoise! So keep your current turquoise accessories and add a splash of pink for an update. Voila! For those of you who don't have turquoise, don't despair, pink goes fabulous with browns, cream, greens, oranges, yellows, purples and black. (Did I leave a color out?) 

How to introduce Honeysuckle in your home this year:

*Paint or wallpaper an accent wall for a dramatic impression. 
*Paint a niche, alcove or inside of a hutch for a punch of color. 
*Stimulate appetite in the dining room using linens, glassware and candles.
*Toss pillows, throws, vases, office accessories, countertop appliances,
  serving trays, bedspreads, towels, shower curtains, frames......all can introduce
  this color beautifully and in small or grand doses, it's up to you.

Photograph by Elle Decor. Design by Kirsten Brandt
Wow, this is a GRAND dose of pink!  The walls do glow, don't they?
There is something SEXY about it!

wallpaper5 Honeysuckle: Redecorate Your Home in the 2011 Color of the Year!
Wallpaper: Julie Damask in Raspberry from Gatehouse
by Thibaut $62/roll

Smaller dose of Honeysuckle pink. This look is more 

subdued with a lot of cream and white colors.

living rooms - white chairs pink accents pink silk drapes brass table pink gray pillows pink secretary cabinet pink damask throw  so spring
Design Happens
Pink pillows, curtains, a throw, glassware and other accessories
are peppered throughout this neutral palette.

Coburn Architecture & Interiors
If you have last year's turquoise in your living room, pair it with 
subtle pops of pink. Here just some coral pink flowers do the trick. 
A pink serving tray would also look lovely in this space.

Strut Coffee Table
Strut coffee table by Bluedot $399
This modern cof
fee table in watermelon 
introduces a big splash of color.

wallpaper2 Honeysuckle: Redecorate Your Home in the 2011 Color of the Year!
Wallpaper: Celia in pink Dolce Vita by Antonia Vella Designs, $55/roll
This  wallpaper would add a pop of color in a niche,
alcove or as an accent wall.

Would you paint your walls Honeysuckle pink? 
What have you done in pink this year?

Would love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!
Ana Alicia

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