Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green can get tricky!

Today everyone is wearing green! My kids tried to pinch me this
morning until I flashed them with my green watch which was
hiding under my sleeve....they were disappointed! 

As it's a "green national holiday" what better than to post a few
rooms painted green? Green is synonymous with nature. It's 
refreshing, calming, relaxing and revitalizing, all dependent on 
the hue. It evokes a natural environment, a green environment 
if you will. 

Green paint is notorious for being difficult! Green can have 
undertones of yellow, blue, gray or brown which will play tricks
with you depending on where the light hits. My recommendation
always is to paint big swatches in different parts of the room;
where the sun hits it and where it's shady. Then look at it at
broad daylight and again at night under artificial light. (You should
do this with any color, not just green.) When working with
green, it's especially helpful to have a vision of the other
elements in the room. Pull it all together, so you will get the
best gauge on how well all the furnishings and accessories
work with each other. You need to see the whole picture
of the room when painting with green. Only then, run for
the brush! Green really can be a tricky color!

green bathroom decoration
Bold green walls are balanced by a lot of white elsewhere.
I like the protruding wall with a niche for all your little
bathing necessities. Notice the little flower vase hanging.
This green is very vibrant and refreshing!
green living room with white fireplace and wood trim

via Better Homes and Gardens
Sage walls contrast against the white mantel.
This room has a calmness to it.
green home office idea

An office in green, white and black.
It's a vibrant work space. Love the Panton chair! 
It gives a feminine quality to this otherwise
square and boxy space. Great curves!
Contemporary Convenience

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn; styling by Brian Carter
Again, green paired with white and black, but this 
time red is in the mix.
Red makes the entire room more vibrant! 
modern living room by John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

This living room has a very earthy green. It's effects
are calming and relaxing. (I feel like  striking a yoga pose!) 
The whitewashed beams above add architectural 
interest and balance. If you have noticed, all of these rooms pair 
green with white to  balance the color palette.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Ana Alicia

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