Monday, March 21, 2011

A Stylists Home

A New York based stylist, Thea Beasley let's us take a peek 
into her charming urban home in the Lower East Side.....a
historic building rich with patina and European allure.

Love the African hats (I know they have an appealing, funny
name....but just can't think of it right now.... is it a jujuhat?...)
Anyway, they add texture to the walls.The entire room is
monochromatic, but has enough appeal through different
materials, shapes and patterns. The seating is formal, yet
with the ethnic touches it is toned down.
I have a feeling people put their feet up on this table!

Look at the patina on these walls!
I like the visual aspect of the french cafe chairs.....however,
they are not conducive to lingering after dinner.....that is too bad,
because the fireplace in the back is very cozy! I could
see myself sitting in this room for hours with friends...only
if I am sitting on the cushioned bamboo chairs!
Sometimes aesthetics doesn't win over function!

The lucite coffee table is invisible, but present at the same time.
Great mood wall in the far right hand corner.

This is a bedroom I can dream in. All different whites and creams,
wood and a touch of black, gold and bronze.
Sweet dreams!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of this home!

Happy Decorating!
Ana Alicia
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