Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan's Tsunami

My post today is a little different than my previous I was thinking about the disaster in Japan....the effects it must have on the families in need. What are they going through when everything as they knew it has been wiped away? How are they coping without a home?

My home is my sanctuary, my cocoon. I feel secure in it. But what would happen if I would loose my home and my belongings to a natural disaster and wouldn't have a place to call my own, a place to feel secure in, a place to shelter my family and myself from the elements? How would I feel then? I most likely would feel stripped from everything I know. I would definitely be out of my comfort zone. Survival mode would kick in.
(How would I survive not having a place to decorate? That's the designer in me talking! I said it before....I decorate, therefore I am!)

There is a nonprofit organization I favor,, because they have this little green box that contains a tent for 10, blankets, pots, tools....anything to provide shelter, warmth, and comfort. (mmmh....I also like to provide warmth and comfort to my clients "shelter".....) A tent would be a welcoming gift to anyone facing homelessness. A tent would symbolize hope, would keep a family together, it would be a place to sleep in, a place that provides shelter from the cold, wind and rain. (The tents have been tested against harsh conditions...even 100 km per hour winds.)

So today, in pondering what I could do for the victims of Japan's Tsunami, it was a no brainer for me. I decided to donate to ShelterBox USA as I have in the past. I would have wanted someone to help me out with a tent (with my own portable "home") if I was facing homelessness with my family. You can help provide a tent too. Or you can choose your own charity to donate to. As individuals or small businesses we can make a difference for somebody. We just have to take action from our nice and cozy homes or offices. 

I love my home, but I take my home for granted. Today I am grateful for my home, all my memories in it, my belongings, and the security it provides for my family. (And a place to take out my decorating urges!)

Please take the time to watch the video on the efforts of ShelterBox USA below. It's truly amazing what a little green box can do for a family or individuals in difficult times. (I am not advertising this organization and am not getting paid to feature it on my blog. It is merely a suggestion for us to give in some way, to this organization or to your charity of choice.)

Have a great weekend!  From my home to your home.

Ana Alicia

PS: If you are new to my blog, please look at my previous posts.
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Today, blogging about Japan seemed more fitting.
Happy Decorating!

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