Thursday, May 26, 2011

Designer : Vicente Wolf

I love Vicente Wolf's work! He serves as an inspiration when I am looking to decorate rooms in shades of white. His relaxing spaces with clean white lines, subdued colors and plenty of light feel like eye candy to me. His rooms feel airy and eclectic, upscale and luxurious. He does not use bold colors, but his white rooms are bold statements in their own right. Take a look:

image 5
Dreamy bathroom! I love the contrast of the old
wood table vanity with the
stainless steel sink and modern chair. 

image 4
The white bed seems to float in the
middle of the room, like floating on
a white cloud.

image 3
The art collection becomes a focal point by
having white as a backdrop.

Love the white floors! 
The simplicity of this rooms is striking!
image 8
This is a perfect conversation spot! A huge
white sectional surrounded by art, an old rustic
table, some candles,flowers and a few books.
What more can you ask for?.....Well, maybe
a cup of coffee please....with milk and sugar.
The wood acts as a sculpture in a 
sea of white! Notice how the paintings are "sitting"
on different types of chairs.

White and gray is one of my favorite
color combinations lately. It's simple, yet
The oversized ottoman is brilliant! Everyone
can put their feet up, be comfortable and 
and social at the same time. The oversized
lampshade is barely there despite its size.
Two tables nesting at the side of the bed act
as a nightstand. The tables are each of a different
era, yet they complement eachother.
The architecture of the windows is stunning!
I love using different types of chairs at the
dining table. It makes the space more

Do you find white rooms boring or full of life? Do tell. I happen to find them
very alluring. The color can come from accessories and art. The use of wood 
also makes a white room come alive. A white room is like a blank canvas and
anything goes, really. 

Happy Decorating!
Ana Alicia

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