Friday, March 4, 2011

Home report : Jenna Lyons

I miss Domino magazine. I was obsessed with it, and when the short-lived magazine had to close its doors I was traumatized!  Where was I going to get my inspirational monthly read? Well, I obviously found other sources of inspiration, but I kept all my issues of Domino. I was flipping through them last night when I came across Jenna Lyons home. Black and white at its BEST! It was featured in the September 2009 issue. Jenna Lyons is is still J. Crew's  creative director and lives in a Brooklyn brownstone. Many of you have seen these photographs, but I wanted to bring them back today for inspiration. Her house was also featured in UK's Livingetc magazine and her architect also had a picture I am featuring here. I hope you enjoy!

via Levenson McDavid Architects
I love the identical crystal chandeliers for the living room
and the dining room. It adds sparkle to the large space.

I love the simplicity of the rooms.There isn't any clutter 
in these spaces, yet its not minimalistic either. 
via Livingetc

via Domino
via Domino
via Domino
via Livingetc
I find the dark walls to be beautiful and rich.
via Livingetc
Great architecture!
via Domino
A black tub, black walls and brass fixtures, 
stunning combination! See the herringbone 
pattern on the hardwood floors. (Great for a 
couple, but a disaster if a toddler is 
splashing around!)

via Domino
Who wouldn't want an entire room devoted for getting dressed 

in the morning? A french settee in the middle of the dressing
 room looks inviting and you can collapse in it after the mental
anguish of figuring out what to wear! You know a creative 
director for J.Crew fashion has to have a ton of clothes! 
I just watched Jenna Lyons on a youtube video commenting on 
how she picks her outfit in the morning. Her three year old son 
chooses her shoes for her every morning and from that selection 
she creates her outfit for the day. With all these pretty shoes it
would be overwhelming to pick out a pair! I'm just jealous!

via Domino
This baby room (now the baby is a toddler) is 
a fashion exclamation! How trendy is it to have 
black walls, yellow and white stripes on the
ceiling, a gorgeous fireplace (I hope it's baby 
proofed now) and a cowhide rug! Too cute! 
via Domino
A cowhide rug is an excellent choice for a 
baby room as it is soft and easy to clean, 
what a great idea!

Jenna Lyons home gets a thumbs up from me. She uses black and white throughout her house unifying every space with this color combination. It's not overwhelming, or too dark. The dose is just right! I could live in there.

What did you think about this black and white brownstone?
I will be featuring black walls later on. I think they are gorgeous if used right.
Please comment if you wish!

Happy Decorating!
Ana Alicia 
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